Nissan Quest Clunk Going Over Big Bumps

2008 Nissan Quest

2008 Nissan Quest lower control arm bushing was causing ka-thunk noise going over speed bumps.
Nissan Quest Lower arm bushing.

The photo needed more light, but you can still see the rip in the bushing, even with poor lighting.

What is not easy to see is the metal to metal contact the inner sleeve of the bushing makes with the outer sleeve. That is what makes the ka-clunk noise going over speed bumps.

From now on I’ll replace these at the first sign of cracking in the bushing.

I bought two new control arms from my local auto parts store and two hours later the vehicle drove perfectly quiet.

I wished I’d have ordered them from Amazon. I’d of saved about $70.

If you order online, make sure to get a left and a right side arm.