Rancho quick lift loaded review


With the new Rancho Quick Lift Loaded strut assembly you can kill 2 birds with one stone. First, depending on the application, they will raise the front of your truck anywhere from 1inch up to 2.5 inches. Second, they are 9 way adjustable so they will totally upgrade your ride and handling to the type of environment you’re driving in at the moment whether it be highway, sport, towing or offroad.

You can either adjust them manually or you can get the Rancho My Ride wireless controller that looks like a TV remote that you keep inside the cab and you can adjust them without having to get out of the truck.


Levels front suspension
Clears up to 35-in. tires depending on some applications.
More ground clearance
Easy to install
9-position tuning technology
Liquid metallic finish
Limited Lifetime Warranty


Anytime you lift or level the front suspension over 1.5 inches something usually isn’t going to be happy about it, and in this case most likely it will be the upper balljoints, CV boots and inner tierod ends. You may have to replace them more frequently because the angles of the suspension are exceeding the OE design.

Popular Trucks The Quick Lift Loaded Fits

Some of the most popular trucks like the 2007-10 Chevy Avalanche will come up 2inches and level the front end. While the 2007-10 Toyota Tundra will come up 2.25 inches. See the Ranchospecsheet showing how much the Rancho Quick Lift Loaded struts will raise the front of your truck and how big of a tire you can install.

Quicklift vs. Spacers

The advantage of the Quicklift over spacers is each unit is designed for that truck. With this approach your going to get the right dampening, ride and handling characteristics as opposed to the one size fits all approach of spacers which limits the amount of suspension up travel. Not to mention you’re getting all new mounts, bushings and shocks. Watch the video to see.

Wheel Alignment

After you install your new struts, the first thing you need to do is go get the alignment done. I guarantee you it will be off enough to ruin your tires in a very short period of time. I install leveling kits all the time and the alignment is always off a mile.

What Others Are Saying

The reports I’ve gotten from new users are that they are very happy with their purchase and glad they spent the money.

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