Michelin Latitude Tour Review

Michelin Latitude Tour
Michelin Latitude Tour

There are few tires these days that are made for all around driving, with a focus put on a comfortable ride, but when you read about the Michelin Latitude Tour, you will see just what a popular tire this is. Made specifically for SUVs, trucks, and other large vehicles, it is guaranteed to give you the best possible traction in all kinds of weather as well as a smooth and quiet ride on the highway.


What We Found In Our Michelin Latitude Tour Review


These are considered to be the best in class in terms of efficiency and safety for the crossover or SUV category. There are a number of new features in this tire that make it a lot quieter, not to mention the fact that it is considered one of the most environmentally friendly tires, too. With 65,000 mile tread wear warranty, you will be driving on these for years.

How Does It Work?

There are several different factors that make the Michelin Latitude Tour so unique, not least of which is the traction. This is accomplished through the use of four circumferential grooves that are extremely deep and have full depth siping. This means that you can drive in the snow and on wet roads with ease.

As far as handling goes, the MaxTouch Construction means that there is a large tread in contact with the road at all times, even when your tires are under high pressure. For highway traveling, this is essential. Also, the rounder casing and acoustically tuned tread mean that you will always get a quiet ride, even when you have put quite a lot of miles on them.

What Are People Saying About Michelin Latitude Tour Tires?

Choosing a set of tires for your SUV can be difficult because you want something that will give you the quietest ride possible when you are driving around town and on the highway, yet you also want the flexibility to go off road once in a while. With the Michelin Latitude Tour tires, you get the best of both worlds in a “green” tire.


“I bought these to replace the factory tires on my Durango. I have to say that it just rides so much smoother now and I can feel the difference in traction.”

  • Ernie, CA


“I didn’t want to spend a fortune on SUV tires, so these were a great fit. I am happy with the quiet ride not to mention the off road traction.”

  • Joel, MN

Is This the Right Tire For You?

You don’t have to live in an area that gets a lot of snow to want good traction in the winter time. Even if you are just used to water and the occasional ice storm, it is still good to know that you are riding on tires that will keep your SUV on the road. But, if you are someone who also likes to do a little off roading once in a while, then the Michelin Latitude Tour are the ideal tire. These will provide your SUV with the soft, luxurious, and quiet ride that you want on the highway, but you will also get great traction when you are off road.

Where Should You Buy Them?

When you are choosing tires for your SUV or truck, you may find out that you could easily end up spending a lot more than you originally planned. For that reason alone, you should shop online for your tires where you will find out that the Michelin Latitude Tour are not nearly as expensive as you might think. In fact, you can get some good deals when you buy these online.


Michelin Latitude Sport Review

Michelin Latitude Sport
Michelin Latitude Sport

Driving an SUV, you probably find yourself in a lot of different driving situations on a daily basis. Although some drivers use these vehicles solely for carting kids and groceries around town, there are also those who are a little rougher on their SUV and need the tires to handle the pressure they put their car under. Michelin tires have long been one of the leaders in the industry and if you have been looking for just the right tire for your SUV, then the Michelin Latitude Sport might be the right choice for you.

What Are Michelin Latitude Sport Tires?

You might not think that sport tires would be appropriate for an SUV or other kind of crossover vehicle when in fact they are the preferred tire by many drivers. If you don’t plan on doing a lot of off road driving and you are just looking for a high quality set of tires that will help you hug the road in all weather conditions, then the Michelin Latitude Sport is a good option at a very good price.

How Does It Work?

These tires use much of the same technology that you will find in ultra-high performance sports car tires, which means that you will get improved handling. Some SUV tires are designed to be rugged off road and you sometimes pay for that by losing out on traction when you are on the road. With the Michelin Latitude Sport tires, you get a luxurious and smooth drive at all speeds, in all weather conditions.

The one thing that all sport tires have in common is that people who really enjoy driving enjoy riding on these tires. That is because you can feel the difference in traction, grip, and control when you are rounding curves and you can feel a certain level of confidence even at high speeds. These are some of the more popular SUV tires because they can add a lot to the comfort and security of your SUV.

What Are People Saying About Michelin Latitude Sport Tires?

Even though these are known as sport tires, they are very good all weather tires as well. So, if you live in the snow, you get a lot of rain, or you travel on a lot of highways in the heat, you will still get the same exceptional ride.

“You get a much better grip on these tires than on other ones and the handling in all weather makes them well worth the price.”
Mike, NM

“I bought these to replace a set of Firestones and the difference is incredible. My whole family is a lot safer with these on my truck.”
Steve, CA

Where Should You Buy It?
Because these are some of the more popular sport tires for SUVs, you will find that they are fairly commonly in stock, however you still want to make sure that you buy the best price possible. For that reason, you should shop online to get the best price and to ensure that your size is in stock.

Is This the Right Product For You?

There are some SUV drivers who want to be more rugged with their vehicle, and that means a special kind of tire and one that usually means you don’t get that great of a ride on the highway. But, if you aren’t interested in off road travel and you just want the best ride for your money, in any kind of weather, then the Michelin Latitude Sport tires are what you are looking for. You will feel a definite difference the way your vehicle feels going around every curve.


Michelin 4×4 Diamaris Review

Michelin Diamaris 4x4
Michelin Diamaris 4×4

When a car manufacturer chooses a particular tire for their vehicles, you might think that they are choosing tires that are affordable, but when it comes to the Michelin 4×4 Diamaris, that was not the case. BMW chose these tires as their standard tires on the X5 SUV, and they did so not because they were cheap, but because they would provide the X5 with the level of luxury and safety that it needed. You can now also buy these tires for your SUV and experience what it feels like to drive on better tires.

What Are Michelin 4×4 Diamaris Tires?

These are not tires that are designed for off road use, but primarily for luxury SUVs and crossovers that are finely tuned and made for comfort. No matter what kind of tires you are riding on right now, you will find that the Michelin 4×4 Diamaris tires provide you with a quieter ride and that they also provide you with a level of traction that you need when you are driving an SUV.

How Does It Work?

There are a number of features that make this tire stand out as an SUV tire, including the unique sidewall design that gives your car a great look but also helps to protect your rims. This also has a 4×4 design with BAZ belt construction overlapped around the shoulder, and a graduated shoulder profile. It includes rayon casing and high bead rigidity and its asymmetrical tread with silica means that you will get the best possible traction.

As well as being known for the high level of traction that you will get in all weather and driving situations, this is also an environmentally sound tire, one that will improve your fuel consumption, and one that is extremely quiet. It has an extremely low noise output, which is rare in such a high quality radial, and will help you enjoy your SUV even more.

What Are People Saying About Michelin 4×4 Diamaris Tires?

When you read the reviews for the Michelin 4×4 Diamaris tires, you will see that even though there are many X5 drivers who have stuck with this tire, there are more drivers out there who are driving other types of luxury crossovers and SUVs and want to have the silent ride and great highway traction that these tires provide.

“These wear really well and I am over 60,000 miles into them. They are ideal for snow and rain and are very smooth.”
John, NV

“The traction on these tires is amazing. You get even wear without rotating and the road noise is a lot less than with other models.
Richard, CA

Where Should You Buy It?

While you might think that a tire that is popular enough to put on one of the world’s best SUVs would be pretty easy to find, that is not often the case. In fact, most tire dealers will try to sell you an inferior tire because they just don’t want to keep these in stock. However, when you go online, you will see that you can buy these for your vehicle and you can also get them at a very good price.

Is This the Right Product For You?

If you spent a lot of money on your SUV, then you want  a tire that will not drag the value of your vehicle down and will still be stunning, no matter what kinds of rims you have. The Michelin 4×4 Diamaris are good enough for BMW and that means that they should be good enough for you and your need for good handling, and smooth and quiet ride all the time.

Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tire Review


Michelin Cross Terrain SUV
Michelin Cross Terrain SUV

When you own an SUV, you want a tire that will give you grip and comfort on the road but will also be meaty enough to take off road once in a while. The Michelin Cross Terrain SUV seems to be just what SUV drivers have been looking for, no matter where you live or how much driving you do off road. It looks great on the more rugged SUVs, but it still a great tire for high end, luxury SUV models that usually require a more expensive tire.

What Are Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tires?

These tires are made with Durablack technology that helps to keep them black longer and makes them look like new, even years after you have been driving on them. But, more importantly, they are designed to give you the best possible ride and comfort in the highway while also doubling as a great off road SUV tire that you can depend on.

How Does It Work?

These tires are made with a special sidewall design and Durablack technology that helps to prolong the life of the tire. They have a stable, square contact patch and an enhanced casing system that help with handling in all kinds of weather.

Another thing that a lot of people like about the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV is that because it is made with Silica tread compounds and interlocking sipes, it means that the tread is simply much quieter, which is something that you will want if you are driving a luxury SUV. Yet, if you are someone who lives where there is a lot of snow or bad winter conditions, you will also find that this gives you the highest level of traction all year long.

What Are People Saying About the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tires?

Most people who have bought these tires have bought them as replacements for the factory tires that came with their SUV. When you read the reviews for the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV, you will see just how much happier the people are with their SUV after putting these tires on. The difference in ride is noticeable as soon as they change tires.

“These tires came on our 2006 Explorer. The ride is nice and we got 42,000 miles out of them.”
John, ID

“I have over 70,000 miles on these tires and will be buying the same ones to replace them. These are highly recommended.”
Alan, MI

Where Should You Buy Them?

Obviously, buying tires is tricky business because there are so many different sizes and styles and you will find that the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV tires come in 16”, 17”, and 18”, with multiple styles in each size range. When you go online however, you will see that you can simply enter in the name and year of your vehicle and you will learn just which model is right for you. It is important to shop online for your tires before buying them locally so that you always get the best price and buy a tire that is specifically made for your SUV.

Is This the Right Product For You?

This is one of the more popular cross terrain tires and designed for both those drivers who are looking for great traction in poor weather as well as those who just want a silent, luxurious ride on the highway. Whether you are looking for black lettering or white lettering, you can find them in the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV tires, and you will be sure to have safe confident handling throughout the year, no matter how much time you spend off road.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus Review

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus Review
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus Review

Finding the right low-profile tire for your high-performance driving can be difficult. There are a lot of choices, and most of the prices are pretty high. With all of these brands and so many different models to choose from, how can you make a decision? In most cases, people end up choosing based on the backs of other people’s reviews, and that is why the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus is so popular – the reviews say it all.

This is an extremely popular low-profile, all-weather tire, designed to provide the driver with great grip on both dry and wet roads. Although you won’t want to be trekking on rough roads or snowy roads with these tires, you will find that average all-season driving is exceptional. Even on the rainiest road, these directional tread design tires enable you to grip the road and resist hydroplaning.

The tire itself is made from two high-tensile cord belts, made from lightweight steel and reinforced with what is known as Michelin’s FAZ Technology. FAZ (which stands for Filament At Zero) is responsible for wrapping a thin polyamide thread around the steel, which increases tread wear. If you are looking for a tire that lasts a long time, then this is it. With a warranty of 45,000 miles (six years), you won’t find any other tire like it in this price range.

In addition, it comes with a free one-year replacement warranty up to 25 percent of the wear on workmanship and materials. This means that even though you are paying a fairly steep price for these tires, the work is being backed up. Nearly every reviewer that I have seen that has used these tires all state that they went well beyond the guaranteed mileage.

Thankfully, you don’t sacrifice comfort with the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus. Most low-profile, high-performance tires are known for the noise and discomfort they provide, but the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus is not so at all. You will find that they are nearly as quiet as any traditional Michelin, and when you add that to the amazing performance you will get, they are a great deal.

Most people will tell you that you can’t go wrong with Michelin tires, since they are known for backing up their workmanship and standing by their tires. The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus is one of the highest-rated tires on the market today, in any class, and one that is worth the price you pay.

Buy or Don’t Buy?

You know you can’t go wrong with any of the high-end Michelin line of tires, and the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus is no exception. This is not an inexpensive tire, yet you will find that it is worth every penny, especially if you are looking for a sporty, low-profile tire that is perfect in all conditions. This is indeed one of the highest ranked of all the low-profile tires and almost everyone who has them said they would buy them again. This is definitely a “Buy”!