Winter Tire and Wheel Packages

Winter Tire and Wheel Packages

Dread going down to the tire store to get your winter tires installed? There’s a solution, Tirerack offers snow tire and wheel packages mounted and balance shipped right to your door ready to install.

Each package includes everything you need, center caps, lug nuts and centering rings if necessary. Plus instructions on how to install them. Just bolt them on and go.

Ordering is simple, you just use the Tirerack decision guide and they show you what’s available for your vehicle. They have both aluminum and steel wheel packages, and each wheel is vehicle specific. No universal fit junk.

I wanted to see what packages were available for my 96 Bronco so I entered the year make and model and they showed the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1 or Michelin Latitude X-Ice being available for my truck. You have 2 choices, you can either click the view preferred package button and see what they recommend, or you can build your own package. The links are on the left side of the page. When I clicked the preferred link they recommended the Blizzaks and a very cool aluminum wheel for my Bronco. Total cost was $844 plus shipping.

When I clicked the “build my own package” link, I had a choice of the Michelin’s and Blizzak’s I mentioned earlier plus a Firestone Winterforce UV which you can have them add studs to for an extra $15 per tire. So just for grins I picked the Firestone’s, they’re a lot less money than the other tires so I could seel how cheap I could get a snow tire and wheel package. The next window that opens shows you what wheels they have available. For my Bronco they had 2 different types of aluminum wheels. So I picked the cheapest.

My total cost was $688 plus shipping. That includes mounting and balancing. All I have to do is just bolt them on when they arrive.

I did some checking and if you have a lets say late model Dodge Caravan, you could be out the door for $548 with a set of Firestone Winterforce snow tires and aluminum wheels. Plus shipping. Just bolt them on and go. Then in the spring, bolt up your summer tires and you’re all set.

Change your tires with the seasons with a Preferred Winter Tire & Wheel Package from Tire Rack.