Snow Tires

Do Snow Tires Really Have More Traction Then All-Season Tires?

snow tires Snow tires both studded and studless are reviewed.

Studded Snow Tire Review.

General Altimax Arctic

Blizzak Stud-less winter tires

Michelin X-Ice Xi2 Review

Continental Extreme Winter Contact Review

Pirelli Winter Tire Carving Edge Review

No sense in slip sliding around in the snow and ice when there are a lot of great winter tires available.  Our winter tire review includes every tire we could find available in North America.

How Many Snow Tires Should I Buy?

Make sure when buying winter tires you always get a set of 4 for maximum traction and the best handling.  That’s just not me saying that, every tire maker on the planet recommends you get a complete set. Reason being that if you have snow tires on one axle and non-winter tires on the other, you’re going to have a lot more traction on one axle than the other and could cause a serious handling imbalance.

Today’s winter tires are better at providing ice and snow traction than ever before. The technology used to develop the tread designs and tread compounds have evolved beyond what you may have used previously.

What If My Vehicle Has Traction Control And Or ABS?

They’re great for preventing wheel slippage. But they won’t increase your vehicle’s traction. You might want to read that again. Only tires of different compounds will increase traction. That’s why you buy snow tires.

Popular Winter Tire Manufacturers

Michelin, Blizzak, General, Nokian, Firestone, Goodyear and Pirelli all make snow tires.  The General’s and Firestone’s are geared toward the lower price point but offer an excellent value. The others are more geared towards folks looking for the very best money can buy.