Will Leveling Kits Wear Out My Front end?

From time to time I have a customer ask me if installing a leveling kit on the front of his truck is going to cause problems.  I tell them as long as they don’t go over 2.5 inches there won’t be a problem.

There are leveling kits on the market that go to 3 inches, I don’t recommend installing them.  My reason for this is any kit over 2.5 inches will usually cause the tie rod linkage to run at extreme angles compared to the the factory geometry. Same goes for balljoint angles. If you like rebuilding the frontend of your truck annually, then by all means go ahead.

When balljoints and tierods operate out of their normal range of motion it tends to wear them out at an accelerated rate. Not to mention the potential for bump-steer.

Like I said earlier, up to 2.5 inches you won’t have any problems with steering linkage angles, but you will need to have the front end realigned and the steering wheel straightened after installing a leveling kit. If you really need more that 2.5 inches, you really should be shopping for a lift kit instead.

Check out the video of  a Dodge Ram 2500 we installed a Truxxx leveling kit

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  1. Hi, I have that same truck and am putting a 2inch kit on it soon. I love the way those tires look on the truck in the video. Do you know the brand or size of those?


  2. I have a 99 dodge ram 1500 4×4 with 285/75/r16 on stock height. If I get a 2 inch leveling kit will it fit either 315/75/r16 or 305/70/r17?

  3. I don’t know. Check in one of the Dodge truck forums and see what those guys say.

  4. Hi, will a leveling kit work on a 2wd, my truck has got really big tires, too big for stock height and they are destroying my front fenders and wheel arches. Which one would you recommend? Thanks take care.

  5. Hi I have an 03 ram 1500 QC short box SLT sport 4×4 and I was wondering with a 2″ or 2.5″ leveling kit what the biggest set of tires i could fit would be without trimming the fender or anything greasy like that.

  6. Tyler,
    You can safely go with a 285/70-17, if you want to go bigger, I’d drive down to the local tire shop and ask them to put a 305 next to the front fender and see it looks like it would fit.

  7. Hey I have a 1999 F250 V10 Super Cab and am looking to level it about 2″ but I am not sure the difference between Strut Extensions, Coil Spacers and Torsion keys. What are the differences and which one of these would you recommend for my truck?


  8. Hi Steven,
    Torsion bar keys aren’t used on your truck. If your truck is 2 wheel drive, then you’ll need coil spring spacers. If your truck is a 4×4, then you’ll need to add a leaf to the front leaf springs.

  9. i’ve been looking for a front coil leveling kit for a 1988 dodge d150, 2wd truck without much luck. only one company sells an aluminum/alloy spacer type kit, but i hear these tend to ride a little hard. i would rather go with a polyurethane type but i have had no luck finding these. are there any avaliable?

  10. Try Stempf. They used to sell a hard rubber spacer that goes on top of the spring. 1-800-328-4460

  11. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for posting about this. I have a 2012 RAM 1500 which I love!! but I would like to see the front a little higher. I have been doing some research online and there seems to be varying opinions about whether installing a leveling kit will hurt the truck or not. So keep it under 2.5 inches and I should be fine?

    Thanks again for this post, very informative.


  12. Hi Marc,

    2.5 is the max I would go. Ideally, 2 inch’s or less. The higher you go, the faster the front end wears out.

  13. Hi Joe!

    I just bought a 2013 Chevy Silverado Z71 extended cab I want to put a leveling kit on just enough to match the back, I was wondering how many inches that would be and what leveling kits you recommend?? and do you think over the years will it wear out my ball joints?? is it even worth it??

  14. Hi Daniel,

    I haven’t seen a 2013 in my shop, so I don’t know how high it would have to be. Personally, I’d never do that to my own truck unless there was a reason that I needed extra ground clearance. Other than my ego.

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