Where Should The New Tires Go If I’m Only Buying 2?

Let me start off by giving you the answer. The new tires should always go on the rear.  Now all of you old timers give me a minute to explain before you go this guy’s full of crap and click away.

I was as many of you were taught that the new tires should go in the front. Well, things change, now we’ve learned that it’s actually better to put them on the rear. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen the video with my own eyes proving that in fact, putting the new tires on rear is the best thing to do.

Michelin took 2 identical cars and on one car they put 2 new tires on the front, and on the other they put the new tires on the rear. Then they took them to the track and watered down a sweeping turn and proceeded to drive each vehicle at the same speed excessive speed through the corner and guess what? The car with the new tires on the front spun out.  Watch the video and you’ll become a believer too.


I sure was glad when I found this video, now when I have a customer complain about having new tires installed on the rear, I just have them watch the video. That pretty much always changes their thinking.