Toyota Tacoma Wheel Bearing Replacement How To

Bad wheel bearings are a pretty common problem on late model Toyota trucks. Especially if the truck has over size tires  and wheels on it.

The good news is there is now a complete hub and bearing assembly ready to bolt on. Until recently it was a total pain in the ass to replace the wheel bearing on late model Tacoma’s and 4Runners. Now, it’s simple. Amazon has them.

5 Replies to “Toyota Tacoma Wheel Bearing Replacement How To”

  1. I think my bearings are bad along with other things in my suspension causing a bad vide at all speeds. I have a 95 Tacoma 4×4 with 230k miles on it and I know they haven’t been changed before. I guess I just need some advise because I hate paying for something I can or can potentially do myself. CV boots are also torn so that needs to be replace but I’m just clueless to this vibe. I checked the engine mounts and they looked fine. At all speeds I also have this WHA WHA WHA WHA sound and my tires are balanced and don’t have any flat spots. Could that also be the bearings? Thanks!!

  2. Okay. The white and black part diagram is a 2003 taco, I have one and am trying to do this any info onthis page doesn’t help. The whole arm has to come off. No grappler will help a ‘ 03. Just to let you know

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