Toyo Open Country MT Tire Review

Toyo Open Country MT Tire Review

Toyo Open Country MT Tire Review, the good, bad and not so ugly.  These baby’s are available in sizes from 31X10.50R15LT to 37X13.50R24LT.  Warranty information can be downloaded by clicking this link: PassengerLTWarranty.

I’ve owned 3 sets of Toyo’s and one thing I will say is they definitely wear like iron and hold up well in lava rock.  I’ve done a lot of offroading in the lava flows of Hawaii with Toyo’s and they’ve stood up pretty well to it.

What’s cool about this tire, is at the time of this review, the Toyo Open Country MT has a 100% positive review rate at That’s pretty rare, usually there’s somebody that’s not happy with their tires.

The reviewers rated on a scale of 10 with the following:

  • Traction: 10
  • Cornering: 8
  • Long Lasting 8
  • Quiet 8
  • Wears Evenly 6

I’m pretty surprised, I expected a few comments that the tires are noisy. But nobody said that, to the contrary, a lot of guys said the Toyo’s were very quiet. That has not been my experience.  One set I had on my Bronco I took off at about 20K because of the noise.

Most reviewers of this tire said they got pretty long tread life. I would believe that based on my own experience with Toyo’s. They last and last and last. Pretty impressive for light truck tires.

This tire is a great all around work horse. It’s not the best at any one particular thing, but it rates very high in a number of categories with it’s users. Be sure to watch this video. It’s pretty good.

Toyo Open Country MT Tire Review Video

There were a few people who said they didn’t get the mileage they were expecting.  I suspect the people that had wear issues were heavy on the throttle with high torque diesels.  The over all consensus was the Toyo’s hold up really well.

Buy? Or Don’t Buy?

I would  buy the Toyo Open Country MT.

June 2011 Update: That is how I felt about them until I had to take a set of Open Countrys off my Bronco because 3 out of 4 of them suffered from tread separation. They were the hi-way model of Open Country, not the MT’s. Now, would I buy them? I don’t think so. To be fair, every tire manufacture has tires that come apart from tread separation. But I’ve had 2 set’s of Toyo’s on my Bronco that had to come off because noise and or separation issues.



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  1. I was recently talked into the Toyo Open Country MT by my brother who loves them and the tire shop guy. As expensive as they are I hope they last with out problems. I have them on my 2000 3/4 ton GMC 4X4. Did the pulling you talk about start right away or after many miles? Also the separation issues you mention? I have only about 3000 miles on mine and so far so good.

  2. Hi Scott,

    Yes, the tire pulls were from the start. Between that and separation issues, I’ll never buy another set of Toyo’s or recommend them to my customers. But, a lot of people run them, like them, and don’t have problems.

  3. I started out as a tire buster also & after 15 years experience (including USAF) it wasn’t until I became a certified TIA (tire industry association) Tire Expert did I realize I knew very little about tires! Seperations are 90% caused by impacts. This tears the inner belts & allows air to escape to the outer carcass, forming a raised area. Same with sidewall lumps. Tread seperation is normally due to high torque, rough surfaces (you mentioned these were the HT) or spinning your tires. When you understand how a tire is made, overlapping belts & materials from one station to another, the odds of having a “defect” in not just one, but 3 is astronomical! Other factors are overinflation & condition of your suspension. All too common people look at the max psi on the tire & fill them to it, especially when they want to save fuel. Always go by the vehicles recommendation, usually on your door placard. Every vehicle weighs differently & affects a tires performance. The sidewall info simply states the max psi & weight that tire can handle. I own a full size bronco & they call for LT or XL rated tires. Not that same as P. Regardless, I managed a tire shop & we sold Toyo. They offer a 30 day/500 mile satisfaction warranty. Their customer support is top notch & I highly recommend you contact them. I have NEVER had an unsatisfied Toyo customer. I have Toyo’s on every one of my & my families vehicles. I’m talking the Extensa, Versado. Open Country HT, & the Open Country MT (my favorites). I balanced my 35’s, which zeroed out minus any weights! Hope this helps.

  4. No, it didn’t help. But thanks anyways. P.S. I was the original Toyo dealer at the time I installed them.

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