Top 2 Tires Rated For High MPG


In a road test between a half a dozen low rolling resistance tires the Bridgestone Ecopia EP100  and the Michelin Energy Saver A/S came out as the top 2 tires in the group.  The Michelin being tops as far as the most miles per gallon increase with all things being equal.

If you’re a nerd and you love sifting through the data, go to Tirerack and read the mountains of test data. I did. But if you’re pressed for time and you just need to cut to the chase and find out which low rolling resistance tire is going to give you the most mile per gallon and the best overall performance, then you’ve come to the right place. 🙂

Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 Tire
Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 Tire
Priced from $73.  50,000 mile warranty.

Of all the reports I’ve studied, the only complaint folks seem to have with the Bridgestone’s is somewhat sloppy handling when cornering. Most drivers noticed an increase in fuel mileage.  While the Michelin’s technically get a little more MPG, it’s only about 4 gallons at the end of the year more according to the test data I’ve seen. Definitely a good value at way under $100 dollars per tire.

Michelin Energy Saver A/S Tire
Michelin Energy Saver A/S Tire
Priced from $102. 65,000 mile warranty.  With rebate it’s almost the same price as the Bridgestone’s.  Almost all of the reports I’ve read about this tire from drivers is very positive. Except for one thing, a couple of folks really thought the light snow performance was lacking. One guy in Vermont said they worked great in light snow. Go figure.

Which tire would I choose? If I can buy the Michelin’s and get a big fat rebate, they’re basically as cheap as the Bridgestone’s and I’m going Michelin.  No rebate? I’m buying the Bridgestone’s.

Why? Basically the performance is pretty even between the two tires, the Michelin with the edge in both MPG and handling, plus don’t forget it’s rated to last 15,000 miles longer than the Bridgestone’s.


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