Sumitomo HTR Z III Tire Reviews

Sumitomo HTR Z III Tire
Sumitomo HTR Z III Tire

Sumitomo HTR Z 111 is a low cost maximum performance summer tire.  People who own this tire all have very similar comments. The main one being that dry pavement traction is very good for this tire and you can’t beat the price versus performance ratio.

One guy with a 2004 Mercedes-Benz C230 say’s the Sumitomo’s are smooth quiet and have a very low wear rate. He also felt they were more than adequate for the street but if you want a high-performance tire for the track you would need to step up to Michelin’s PS2 or something else.

Although another guy said maybe we should quit calling these cheap tires. He said he just replaced his Pilot PS2’s and these tires feel just as good. At first he was hesitant to buy the Sumitomo’s but says now he would definitely buy them again.

One thing to remember is don’t let the price fool you, for example, if you check the prices, Sumitomo’s HTR Z 111 against Goodyear’s EMT you’ll find that the Goodyear’s are twice as much money and the Sumitomo’s are rated in the middle of the maximum performance summer tire category and the Goodyear’s are at the bottom of the category dead last. So price doesn’t mean anything other than one costs more than the other.

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  1. I bought a used 2006 MB S500 with these tires installed front and back. On my first out-of-town trip (6/13/10) Atlanta to Tampa the left rear (265/40 – 18) blewout 450 miles into the trip at 75 mph on a 95 degree day. There was no sign of any puncture in the tire and it had 5/32 of tread left. The sidewall did have a hole big enough to put my thumb through. I had aired all tires to 34 psi for the trip so it wasn’t low or leaking previously. I haven’t had a blowout in over 30 years and this appears to be a defective tire. Even though it was 2/3 worn out it still shouldn’t have blownout. I would think twice before putting these on my car again.

  2. That’s pretty bizarre. Sidewall failures usually don’t happen without having help. Like a piece of metal or some other object that gets picked up on the road. Notice it was a rear tire, usually the front tire runs over and pitches the object into the rear.

    When I was tire buster most of the flat repairs I did were in the rear because of this.

    Another scenario is: Usually there is a belt or tread separation first and the car wobbles so bad that it get’s looked at before the dreaded blowout ever occurs. But that doesn’t sound like what happened here.

    Thank you for your comment Carl, I will do more investigation about Sumitomo’s and see if there are any other reports similar to yours and I will report them on this page if I find any.

  3. I purchased 4 tires back in March. Put them on a Mits Eclipse. They have exactly 5,045 miles on them. The back tires look like racing slicks. My son had a blow out while driving. I have contacted the dealer who will not warrant or take any steps to resolve this issue. I have now turned the matter over to my Attorney. I had the auto completely checked out to make sure there was not a problem with it and it came back fine. I had to replace the tires yesterday and am very irrated. I will not let this matter rest until I receive some type of reimbursement.

  4. I’m sorry to hear about the tires wearing out in 5 thousand miles, but I would love to see the alignment specs of your car printed out. Tires just don’t go bald in 5,000 miles without the toe angle of the alignment being off about an inch or more. If you had a shop just “look” at it, but not put it on an alignment rack, this needs to be done because it really sounds like the rear axle alignment is out of whack big time.

  5. Just have to say that these are the best tyres I have used. They grip fantastically, very quiet, very long lasting. First tyre in ages that I said put the same back on.. after they did over 50,000kms. Maybe not the best wet weather tyre I have used, but not far from it.

  6. Put 4 Sumitomo HTR z3 ‘s on my 1999 Porsche 911 and they are BETTER tires than the Pirelli P Zero’s they replaced. They handle and stop just as well as the Pirelli’s, have almost no perceptable wear after 5,000 miles, are MUCH quieter, and they cost about 1/3 of what Pirelli’s go for. Talk about Win Win. I would highly recommend the HTR Z III tire. Very solid performer.

  7. On a recent out of town trip and traveling alone, my rear Sumitomo tire blew and shredded to bits. It had been checked with appropriate air pressure and looked brand new. Thankfully, a nice person came to my aide and I purchased a new tire in the next town. Then, 3 weeks later, on a road trip with my husband, the other rear Sumitomo tire blew and shredded to bits. This time the blow out did extensive damage to that side of my Honda Oldyssey. We will have to have an entire new bumper cover and the new decorative raised strip on the sliding door. There are also dents above the wheel and damaged paint. Needless, to say, I will not be purchasing any more Sumitomo tires. The financial and emotional stress these deficient tires caused are not worth the discount we may have received. It really is true, you get what you pay for.

  8. DO NOT BUY THESE TIRES!!!! I have a 2005 Chrysler 300c and put 15k on these tires and all 4 the inner sidewall has separated and the belts have let go inside the tire. I have them rotated every 5k miles and check my air pressure once a week. The place I bought them has since stopped carrying them and said they had nothing but problems with them. I WOULD NEVER BUY THESE TIRES AGAIN. NO MILEAGE WARRANTY!!! NO TIRE PLACE THAT WILL BACK THEM UP. BE VERY AFRAID TO PUT THESE ON YOUR VEHICLE!!!!!!!

  9. I think one thing that might be happening with issues of bad tires is the following. I bought brand new Good Years BUT~~~!!! they were on the shelf a long time and dry rotted!!!! The local store said i took a knife to them, im like, ah year right dude. I went to a local Good Year dealership and they replaced them for free. My point is you can have a good tire but if they are sitting on a shelf they lose their quality. Just a tid bit from your Uncle Lar

  10. I love these tires, I have them on my S2000 and they are great daily summer tires. If you google these tires with the word S2000 all you see are praises. The previous posts are hard to believe, 5000 miles and bald, strange blow outs. I believe those are extreme examples that can happen to any tire not pertaining specifically to the HTRZIII.

  11. I put HTR Z III 275/40R18 on my 2007 Mustang GT. This third car (GT) is run only for pleasure and usually
    somewhere around the edge of every thing. High speed, hard corners, hard braking, Missouri county roads away from cars and law men. I have 15,000 miles on them. I think they are great. They will give near 40,000 miles life. They are heavy (31#) the factory pirelli P Zero 235/55R17 weigh about 25#. My GT is modified for handling, springs, shocks, struts, watts link, drilled rotors, top brake pads etc. H&R 25mm track spacers all four corners, same tire size all four corners. All the mods being equal: Pirelli v HTR Z3, there is no contest,
    the HTR Z3 stick, never a question about slip or slide, never a fish tail adding power early in a turn exit.
    Reading other reviews I feel fortunate. It is a great tire and makes driving a gas.

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