Sumitomo HTR Z III Tire Reviews

Sumitomo HTR Z III Tire
Sumitomo HTR Z III Tire

Sumitomo HTR Z 111 is a low cost maximum performance summer tire.  People who own this tire all have very similar comments. The main one being that dry pavement traction is very good for this tire and you can’t beat the price versus performance ratio.

One guy with a 2004 Mercedes-Benz C230 say’s the Sumitomo’s are smooth quiet and have a very low wear rate. He also felt they were more than adequate for the street but if you want a high-performance tire for the track you would need to step up to Michelin’s PS2 or something else.

Although another guy said maybe we should quit calling these cheap tires. He said he just replaced his Pilot PS2’s and these tires feel just as good. At first he was hesitant to buy the Sumitomo’s but says now he would definitely buy them again.

One thing to remember is don’t let the price fool you, for example, if you check the prices, Sumitomo’s HTR Z 111 against Goodyear’s EMT you’ll find that the Goodyear’s are twice as much money and the Sumitomo’s are rated in the middle of the maximum performance summer tire category and the Goodyear’s are at the bottom of the category dead last. So price doesn’t mean anything other than one costs more than the other.

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