Studded Snow Tires Review

In our top 5 Studded Snow Tires Review, we’re talking about passenger car studded snow tires.  The number 1 rated studded snow tire according to some European sources is the  Nokian Hakkapellitta 5.

The Nokian Hakkapellitta 5 is for the most extreme snow and ice conditions. It’s a tire I would seriously consider buying if money was no object.  A winter tire you use when you want the nothing but the best.

Studded Tires Review Nokian Nokian Tyres is the largest tire manufacturer in the Nordic countries and has been making tires for over 70 years.  Made in Finland, you know they had to have figured out how to make an excellent snow tire with snow and ice six months out the year.

You would be hard-pressed to find a negative review of the Nokian Hakkapellitta 5. I looked high and low and couldn’t find anything wrong about this tire.  It is the number 1 studded snow tire on this page.

If you’re looking for the top-rated domestic studded tire, then you might consider these.

The General Altimax Arctic

General Altimax Arctic
General Altimax Arctic

General Altimax Arctic
With studs was the top-rated tire of the group of winter tires from North America that were tested by a major American tire retailer in Europe in 2009. Without studs, the General was the second highest rated tire.  This is the same snow tire as the Gislaved NordFrost 3 which is known as a very good snow tire.  For my vehicle? This is the tire I’d buy.



The Pirelli Winter Carving

You can’t discount the Pirelli studded snow tire as an excellent choice based on user feedback. I’ve read many reports of nothing but glowing comments about how good traction was with studs.

Pirelli Winter Carving Tire
Pirelli Winter Carving Tire

The Firestone Winterforce

A decent winter tire at a decent price point. Better than All-Seasons for sure. And this tire has quite a few people who really like it.

Priced less than some of the other studded snow tires, the Firestone Winterforce will get you by if cash is tight.

Firestone Winterforce Tire
Firestone Winterforce Tire

The Goodyear Ultra Grip

The Ultra Grip was not in the above test group of tires.  The tire got 99 percent positive reviews from what I’ve been able to find.

Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Tire

Which snow tires would I buy? If I lived where studded tires are prohibited, I’d go with the General Altimax Arctic without studs.

If studs are OK, again I’d go with The General Altimax Arctic with studs or the Nokian Hakkapellitta 5.  These are the two studded snow tires I would consider.