Replacing Runflat Corvette Tires

Replacing runflat Corvette tires? Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar EMT’s come stock on Corvettes and pretty much everyone agrees they suck.  A better choice for your Vette is the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus ZP if you’re looking for a great all around tire.

Most owners of the original Goodyear’s don’t have anything nice to say about them. Based on real consumer feed back, I’d recommend going with Michelin’s PS2 instead or Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 if you’re into maximum performance.  If you’re like most of us and would like the most performance you can get without having to give up too much in tire life and over all cost, watch the video below.

A friend and former employee of mine who runs a super cherry C-5 and is so anal about how his car performs, made this video for me. He’s running Michelin Pilot Sport AS Runflats.

Replacing Runflat Corvette Tires | Real Consumer Video

There are a lot of different tires on the market for replacing runflat Corvette tires, the brand and model of tire that you choose obviously will have a lot to do with how much you pay.

If money is no object, I would go with the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 ZP. If you only want to put the cheapest tire you can find on the car, then I would buy the Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110.

Michelin makes two different models of tire for the Corvette that I’m aware of, the Pilot Sport PS2 and the Pilot Sport A/S Plus ZP. From what I’ve read everybody loves both the PS2 and the A/S. The PS2 is a maximum performance summer tire and the AS is an ultra high performance all season tire. While the AS won’t stick as well as the PS2 will, it probably will last twice as long according to the uniform tire quality guide and it has a 45,000 mile rating. Read our review of the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S ZP here.

They’re other tires that are more middle of the road price and performance wise, such as theBFGoodrich G Force T/A KDW 2 which is a whole lot less money than the Michelin but not a whole lot more than the Hankook Ventus V12 evo k110. I’ve always liked BFGoodrich because they always seem to make good tires.

The BFGoodrich has a very distinct looking tread pattern and once you warm them up, I hear they stick pretty good. But like the Goodyears, they tend to be pretty noisy. So noisy in fact, that a couple of guys I know said they sound like the car has a bad wheel bearing.

Firestone also makes a Corvette tire, the Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval RFT Tire . It’s a lot less than the Michelin’s but it’s more than the BFGoodrich tire. The good news about the Firestone tire is I can’t find anything bad about it as far as noise goes or anything else for that matter. Probably a good choice for an average daily driver price and performance wise.

Replacing Runflat Corvette Tires With A Super Sticky Street Tire

There’s one more tire we should talk about for the Vette, the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11. Even if you’re car is running up to 500 HP you’ll have to work to break these loose. They’re that sticky according to a few reports that I’ve read.

When replacing runflat Corvette tires you don’t have to put runflats back on, but if you get a flat you’re going to have to call a tow truck because as you probably know, cars that come with runflats don’t have spare tires.  Personally, if I was replacing runflat Corvette tires, I’d stay with runflats.

Buy or Don’t Buy?

I would never put the Goodyear’s that came stock on the car back on. Just too noisy and too short of tread life for the amount of money they cost. I’d go with the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 ZP runflat personally, because they stick better, last longer and ride quieter than the Goodyears. If I was looking for more longevity, I’d go with the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus ZP.

If you have your heart set on Goodyear run flats. Check Amazon for them. 

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