Rancho Quick Lift Loaded Review

Rancho Quick Lift Loaded Strut
Rancho Quick Lift Loaded Strut

With the new Rancho Quick Lift Loaded strut assembly you can kill 2 birds with one stone. First, depending on the application, they will raise the front of your truck anywhere from 1inch up to 2.5 inches. Second, they are 9 way adjustable so they will totally upgrade your ride and handling to the type of environment you’re driving in at the moment whether it be highway, sport, towing or offroad.

You can either adjust them manually or you can get the Rancho My Ride wireless controller that looks like a TV remote that you keep inside the cab and you can adjust them without having to get out of the truck.


Levels front suspension
Clears up to 35-in. tires depending on some applications.
More ground clearance
Easy to install
9-position tuning technology
Liquid metallic finish
Limited Lifetime Warranty


Anytime you lift or level the front suspension over 1.5 inches something usually isn’t going to be happy about it, and in this case most likely it will be the upper balljoints, CV boots and inner tierod ends. You may have to replace them more frequently because the angles of the suspension are exceeding the OE design.

Popular Trucks The Quick Lift Loaded Fits

Some of the most popular trucks like the 2007-10 Chevy Avalanche will come up 2inches and level the front end. While the 2007-10 Toyota Tundra will come up 2.25 inches. See the Ranchospecsheet showing how much the Rancho Quick Lift Loaded struts will raise the front of your truck and how big of a tire you can install.

Quicklift vs. Spacers

The advantage of the Quicklift over spacers is each unit is designed for that truck. With this approach your going to get the right dampening, ride and handling characteristics as opposed to the one size fits all approach of spacers which limits the amount of suspension up travel. Not to mention you’re getting all new mounts, bushings and shocks. Watch the video to see.


Wheel Alignment

After you install your new struts, the first thing you need to do is go get the alignment done. I guarantee you it will be off enough to ruin your tires in a very short period of time. I install leveling kits all the time and the alignment is always off a mile.

What Others Are Saying

The reports I’ve gotten from new users are that they are very happy with their purchase and glad they spent the money.

Where To Buy

Currently Amazon has the best price, but their selection is limited at the time of this review. If you have a Nissan they have them in stock for the  Armada, Pathfinder and Titan with free shipping. Plus they have the Rancho RS999705 MyRide Wireless Controller too. And you can save $89 compared to 4Wheelparts.com

If you have a F150, Avalanche, Dodge Ram or Tundra, you’ll have to buy them at 4WheelParts.com Up to 10% Off Rancho Suspension Parts
But get the controller from Amazon and you’ll save $39. And if you see struts anywhere else online for sale at a cheaper price than 4Wheelparts after you’ve bought, they’ll match the price up to 90 days later.

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  1. Hi bro, i need your help, i want buy the kit Quick lift loaded from Rancho, and i want to put on my Sierra Denali 2008 on the front right, and i wanna be sure which rear shock can i put on my pick up, for this modification on the front.
    I want to mount this size of Tire 285/65R20 BFGoodrich All Terrain
    What you recomend me to do ?

    i aprecciate if you can help me on this…..

  2. Help with Monroe Quick Struts…

    Hello, I found your website while investigating my recent problem. Yesterday, I installed four new Monroe Quick Struts on my 2005 Ford Expedieion. I have tremendous rattling noises now. (I did not install them, but a friend did)…Nevertheless, I stumbled upon your review indicating a loose strut nut. I went out to the vehicle this morning to check this out. The only nut I could really access was the driver side front. The bolt appears to be excessively loose, to the point where I can place a socket over it and turn it by hand. Is it safe to assume that this is what is causing the problem. More so, can I likely conclude ALL FOUR nuts are not fully tightened. Not being a mechanic, I would thing these should be “fully torqued?” The next question is, can a mechanic get to these without taking off the stuts?

  3. Vince,
    Tighten the one you can get to and see if that does it. If you still have noises then you’ll probably have to take them all back out and tighten the strut rod nuts.

  4. Carlos,
    Call 4 Wheel Parts at 1-877-875-3927 they can give you the best advice for your particular situation.

  5. I have a couple of questions one what’s the difference between the loaded quicklift and the regular and the price difference. Also I have an 08 dodge ram 4×4 and I go to the desert alot I just want to know what would be best quick lift or readylift spacer I don’t do a whole lot of off roadin I just like to creep along the trails

  6. Hi Tim,
    The difference between the quicklift and regular is you have to reuse your spring and top mount with the regular which requires disassembly. The Quicklift loaded, is a complete unit of a strut, spring and top mount fully assembled ready to install. The Readylift spacer ReadyLift 66-1090 Coil Space is half the cost of the Quickstrut, if your truck has under 30K on it, then it’s a viable option. Over 30K, I’d put quick struts on it because the struts are pretty weak by then.

    The one thing to think about, the Quickstruts are 9 way adjustable, you really get a lot of extra bang for the buck when you consider the added benefits of new strut, spring and mounts all included in the price and fully assembled ready to install.

  7. Joe,
    I have a 2007 dodge ram 1500 laramie
    I currently am running 2″ lvl kit from daystar
    aswell as 2″ block in the rear with firestone airbags
    I am looking to upgrade my suspension for something a little more offroad agressive
    with as much travle as i can gain without going any higher
    (I am running a 275/65/20)

    I have looked at the Rancho quick lift shock
    do you know if they make a 2.5, 2.25 or even 2″ front shock for my truck?
    aswell as where would be my bet to find what im looking for.

    Thank you,


  8. Hi Tyler,
    I checked at 4 Wheelparts and they showed up to a 2.5 Quick lift strut being available for your truck. Click here Up to 15% Off Sitewide and put quick strut in the search box to find them and then put your truck info in.

  9. I wouldn’t. Too much angle on the tierods. At this point you’re better off looking into a lift kit for your truck.

  10. I had the Loaded Quick Lift installed on my 2008 Explorer Sport Trac XLT V8 4X4. Rancho tech support told me to expect lift of 1.75″ front and 1.00″ rear. I wound up with 0.5″ front and 1.00″ rear (I measured before and after) but a great improvement in the ride compared to the stock setup. Not the lift I was hoping for – others should be forewarned. Part Numbers: Front Left — RS999939; Front Right — RS999924; Left Rear — RS999942; Right Rear — RS999927.

  11. Hello I just installed the quick lift on my Titan and it looks great just wondering what setting on the quicklift is a good on the hiway setting thanks

  12. Start with medium and work your up to your liking. Different tires, wheels and accessories like grill guards will affect the weight differently from one truck to the next so I can’t give a definite number to start with. With 9 settings, you should be able to dial them in to “just right”.

  13. Really frustrated with the Rancho QuickLift instructions. Bought a pair of them and the instructions are useless. It says torgue settings are on separate sheet but there is no other sheet in the box. The top strut nut on one was just started and the other one had almost 2 inches of thread showing above the nut. I torqued the loose one down to Toyota specs (23 ft-lbs) but it only took the nut down half the distance the other strut is. Anyone know what the top strut nut should be torqued to?

  14. I have an 03 jeep liberty sport I put a 2.5 lift on it and run 245/75r16 from a 215/75r16. After awhile I start hearing noises on one side but not the other side (front end) daystar 2.5 lift. What do u think I should check for n do.

  15. Hello all,
    I’m planning to purchase the rancho quicklift loaded for my stock 2011 ford expedition EL xlt 4wd. But I need your help regarding the following questions:
    1\ In on-road mode does that shock absorber provide soft and comfortable driving or rough driving comparing to the stocks?
    2\ Is it safe for the joints and axles?
    your cooperation highly appreciated
    thank you

  16. Hi Mishal,

    Answer 1. There are multiple shock settings. Just turn the knob at the base of the shock to adjust for soft to firm ride.

    Answer 2. Joints and axles should be OK to 2 inches. Anything more and then premature wear and other problems start to occur.

    You’re welcome.

  17. Joe

    I had front end shop just installed a set of Rancho Quick Lift for the front and Rancho RS 999384 on the rear. with a front end alignment. When drive home all seem find nice ride. But later that day driving down a rough road i started to hear a rattle light the sound i though it was coming front the driver side rear but now i think it more in the driver side front. I took it back and they could not find any problems. they when ahead and spray WD-40 on the Bushing and said it might be from reinstalling. The Noise sound like a sway bar bolt lose not tight enough but everthing has been check. almost like the brake pad rattling but it not that. down the Interstate no noise. on a rough road you get the noise. I had two of my friend jump up and down to see if we could locate the noise nothing.

    My adjustment setting on all is at 5

  18. Hey I have bought these Rancho quick lift loaded for my 2008 TRD 5.7L DC w/ 68,*** miles. I also put the rough country 3″ leveling kit spacer on top of the Rancho strut since other forums stated the Rancho will give a TRD only 1.25″ lift compared to base model tundra without bilstein struts from factory. I have added a 1″ front diff drop (simple and very effective) and a 2″ rear block. I didnt do before and after measurements since my truck came with a 2″ leveling kit when i bought it, buuuut my wheel well measurements currently with rancho’s rough country spacer and blocks for rear are as follows: Front- 40.60″ Rear- 41.5″. Hope this helps! OOoooh and to mention, The rancho strut does have a huuuge ride quality difference. I myself notice they ride so much better than the factory TRD coil and bilstien’s. They eat up alot of the bumps and dont waddle the truck side to side in uneven terrain at low speeds. I love them and so far they are great! ps: tire size 305/55R20 (33.4 x 12.5) no rub and mooore than enough room for 35×12.5… CV angles are great but will be upgrading UCA soon (for sh*ts and grins even though the ball joint angle is….. okay for now.)

  19. On the rancho quicklift to adjust the knob for the settings do you need to raise vehicle to do this? Because I tried without raising it and the knob didnt turn well? Thanks

  20. I am trying to find The Rancho quicklift loaded shocks for my jeep liberty 2007 limited 4×4, no luck so far, anyone knows something about this ? Please help

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