Pro Comp Xterrain Tire Review


My Pro Comp Xterrain review is a mixture of my own experience with this tire and reviews from other folks who’ve owned Xterrain’s.

Pro Comp Xterrain Tire Review

The Pro Comp Xterrain tire is available in sizes from 31×10.50R-15 to 35×13.50R-20  with a 3 ply sidewall. And load ranges C to E.
The tread pattern is designed to be quieter at high way speeds. Which I find to be true based on my own experience. I’ve aligned a lot of trucks with these tires and they’re pretty quiet on the test drive afterward.

This tire is geared towards rock crawling with its 3ply sidewall. They tend to hold up pretty well on lava flows here in Hawaii and lava tears the crap out of most tires here.

In the first year they are quiet, as they get more miles on them they can be pretty noisy on heavy trucks. But they do quite well on lighter trucks.  You have to keep them rotated for sure.

Other users report they’re not too good in the thick gummy mud though just the mild. Don’t buy this tire if mud is your thing.  You’ll be more happy with the  Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain Radial instead.

Even though they are a rock crawling tire, a lot of people said they did real well in moderate to light mud with them.

Based on user feedback, heavier trucks tend to have wear problems. Light trucks don’t. From my experience I would agree with this. Like I said, you got to keep them rotated and the alignment has to be right.

A couple of guys said they wore pretty fast.  I tend to think this is more of an issue on heavier trucks.  One guy with a jeep said he got 55000 mile out of them.  Rock crawling tires tend to be soft, so no surprise to me you’re not going to get a lot of miles out of them.

Pro Comp Xterrain In Snow

If you live in snow country, siping is definitely recommend according to one guy who said they were not so great in the snow. They’re worthless when it’s icy, according to a couple of Canadians that own this tire.

Lots of people said they will buy this tire again. Great tire in the sand and rocks according to a couple of guys.

Buy or no buy?  Yeah, these are pretty cool looking tires and the feed back over all is pretty good, so yes, I would buy the Pro Comp Xterrain Radial.