Order Cheap Winter Tires Online

If you’re looking to order cheap winter tires online, you have two choices, the first is Firestone, they make the Winterforce for most passenger vehicles. They’re about as cheap as they come price wise.

You can get them with or without studs, if you buy them online from Tirerack, right in the shopping cart they have a little box you can click to have them add snow studs for $15 a tire if you need them.

They also make winter tires for light pickups, the Winterforce LT, it is a 10 ply tire designed to carry heavy loads. They also offer the Winterforce UV, it is made for light trucks that don’t carry a lot of weight. And and you can get them with or without studs.

General makes the Altimax Arctic in every size you can think of from 13 inch to 17 inch and they start at $46. You can’t go wrong here, even though it is less money than the Firestone when comparing prices of their least expensive tire, it is the better winter tire according to tests at consumer reports and Tirerack.

If you’re shopping for your work truck, the Firestone Winterforce LT is the one you want if you carry a lot of weight.  Which brings me to the point, don’t put light duty tires on if you do heavy duty work. Always buy the tire rated for what you’re doing.

Food for thought, if you really want a cheap winter tire and you’re going to keep your vehicle for a long time, order the Michelin X-Ice Xi2, it will out last both the General’s and the Firestone’s long enough to justify the up front expense. I’ve read of the Michelin’s lasting 70,000 miles.  My guess is you’ll buy 2 sets of General’s or Firestone’s to one set of Michelin’s.

Buy or Don’t Buy? What Would I do?

Depends, If I’m only keeping the vehicle for a year, I’d go with the General Altimax Arctic. If I’m keeping the vehicle till I die, I’d go with the Michelin X-Ice Xi2. That’s how I would do it.

Shop for winter tires at Tire Rack.