Michelin X-Ice Xi2 Review

Michelin X-Ice Xi2

When you want the best… you want the Michelin X-Ice Xi2. It’s designed to have a 75% longer tread life than most other snow tires.  Many users of this tire report they live up to the 5 star ratings they get from many users.  A user in Indiana said he’s got over 18,000 miles on his Michelin snow tires, but what he likes best about the X-Ice Xi2 is they stop on black ice in a straight line.

These Michelins work just as well on both rear wheel drive or front wheel drive according to multiple reports from users with both types of vehicles. Both SUV’s and passenger cars. One guy with a Honda Accord said the Michelin snow tires are better than the Blizzaks he used to run.

Many users report being able to go places with their new Michelins they never could go before with all-season tires.  Some even said tube sand in the trunk was no longer required.  The X-Ice Xi2 goes through snow packed icy roads like they’re not even there is a common theme from many owners of this tire.

A few people bought smaller rims just so they can run these in the winter. One guy said his summer tires are 19 inch and to get the Michelin X-Ice Xi2 he bought 16 inch wheels. That’s how much he likes them.

How many miles should you expect? One user with a Honda Civic reports getting 70K and say’s there’s still a lot of tread left. Amazing.  There’s a reason this is the number 1 rated winter tire out of 17 other tires at Consumer Reports.

How Good Are They Really?

Let’s say if my canoe got blown off course and I had to live in Alaska till help arrived, I’d hope this is the tire they were using when they came looking for me.  There are very few products that live up to the hype.  But this is one of them.

Buy or Don’t Buy?

Duh! If you’re running a daily driver and you don’t need H or V rating. This is the perfect winter tire for your vehicle.

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