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The Michelin LTX M/S scores 8.6 out of 10 and is the number 4 tire out of 58 tires in it’s category in the SUV tire reviews customer survey at one major tire retailer. From a professional point of view I think this tire should really be ranked 2nd instead of 4th.

Only out ranked by the General Grabber HTS and the Goodyear Fortera Triple Tred. There is no freaking way the General is a better tire. Zero, Zilch, Nada. I’m still trying to figure out how the rating for the General is such. Same goes for the Goodyears.

Most users said they would definitely buy this tire again. The number 1 tire in the light truck tire category is also a Michelin. It’s the Michelin LTX M/S2. It’s basically the same tire as the LTX M/S looks wise, but does have a different tread compound and has a 70,000 mile warranty. Though the LTX M/S doesn’t come with a mileage warranty, you will probably get 70k out them based on what a lot of users have said they got out of them.

Michelin LTX M/S

If you get sucked into buying a cheaper tire than the Michelin, you will ultimately pay more over the long run. The Michelin’s will simply out last anything else you can buy. Period.


  • Long tread tread life
  • Great Traction
  • Handling
  • Quiet
  • Low cost over the long haul


  • Sidewall cracking after 70K
  • Up front cost

About the only issue with these tires is sidewall cracking after 70 or 80k. Buy hey, it’s time to start thinking about replacement anyways.

Buy or Don’t Buy?

If you’re getting tired of reading tire reviews and not sure what to buy, you won’t be sorry if you go with this tire.

Heck, I put my money where my mouth is, I bought a set for my wife’s Honda Element. And she loves them.

October 2011 Update:

I’ve been running this tire now for almost a year (11 months) and they have 15,000 miles on them and still look like brand new.  And they still feel like new tires.  Where we live we get a fair amount of rain and these tires stick like glue when it’s wet. The ride is still plush after a year and there is absolutely no road noise from the tread.


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