Michelin LTX AT Review

Michelin LTX AT Review
Michelin LTX AT Review

The problem with the Michelin LTX AT is it tends to develop flat spots across the face of the tire. Our local Costco sells a lot of these and I’ve seen this problem on a few of my customers vehicles that have this tire.

I can’t attribute the irregular wear to anything other than something goofy with the tread compound. I know of two trucks in particular that I rebuilt the front suspension and installed new KYB shocks on and the tires still cupped big time afterwards.

And the torsion bar height was correct on both trucks. So they weren’t bottoming out and causing the cupping.

What Others Are Saying

I’ve read quite a few reviews about this tire and most people don’t say anything about the cupping except for one guy down in Phoenix. Hmmm, maybe this issue only shows up in really warm climates. It’s hot where I live year round too.

One guy down in Tucson said he’s had a set of these for 6 years and 75,000 miles. He also said he’s beat the crap out of them and they’ve held up great. He also mentioned they were a tad noisy.

A lot of people complained about the price, but the funny thing is, in almost the same breath they said the tire lasted a really long time.  If you do the math, the more expensive tires usually tend to cost less per mile to operate than a lower cost tire over that same amount of miles.  But most folks don’t know that.

Final Thoughts

Other than that, they seem to last a long time from what I’ve seen on my customers vehicles. If you live somewhere really warm, I’d pass on these and go with something else like the Michelin LTX M/S.

But if you have to have them, check Amazon for the best price and free shipping. 

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  1. I had a set of Michelin LTX MS tires Replaced With a set of LTX MS2’s and The MS’2’s were terrible for flatspotting and shaking the whole truck(2004 tacoma TRD) and it got some better as the tires warmed up, but never went away and was mostly shaking in the rear. Also, The MS2’s rode very rough. The old LTX MS tires I took off were always smooth and rode nice.(they had 75,000 miles on them. I complained to Michelin and they replaced the with Latitude tour(ride better, still flat spot)

    My question is, has Michelin changed the design of their Light Truck tires. I read an article that said Michelin had changed from nylon to polyamide, to make their tires stiffer for better gas mileage and longer wear. I though you may have some knowledge of this. I had been driving my old tires for almost 10 years and never a problem. How I hate to even drive my truck and the gas mileage has dropped about 2 mpg. I will never buy michelins again.
    Thanks for listening.

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