Michelin Latitude Tour Review

Michelin Latitude Tour
Michelin Latitude Tour

There are few tires these days that are made for all around driving, with a focus put on a comfortable ride, but when you read about the Michelin Latitude Tour, you will see just what a popular tire this is. Made specifically for SUVs, trucks, and other large vehicles, it is guaranteed to give you the best possible traction in all kinds of weather as well as a smooth and quiet ride on the highway.


What We Found In Our Michelin Latitude Tour Review


These are considered to be the best in class in terms of efficiency and safety for the crossover or SUV category. There are a number of new features in this tire that make it a lot quieter, not to mention the fact that it is considered one of the most environmentally friendly tires, too. With 65,000 mile tread wear warranty, you will be driving on these for years.

How Does It Work?

There are several different factors that make the Michelin Latitude Tour so unique, not least of which is the traction. This is accomplished through the use of four circumferential grooves that are extremely deep and have full depth siping. This means that you can drive in the snow and on wet roads with ease.

As far as handling goes, the MaxTouch Construction means that there is a large tread in contact with the road at all times, even when your tires are under high pressure. For highway traveling, this is essential. Also, the rounder casing and acoustically tuned tread mean that you will always get a quiet ride, even when you have put quite a lot of miles on them.

What Are People Saying About Michelin Latitude Tour Tires?

Choosing a set of tires for your SUV can be difficult because you want something that will give you the quietest ride possible when you are driving around town and on the highway, yet you also want the flexibility to go off road once in a while. With the Michelin Latitude Tour tires, you get the best of both worlds in a “green” tire.


“I bought these to replace the factory tires on my Durango. I have to say that it just rides so much smoother now and I can feel the difference in traction.”

  • Ernie, CA


“I didn’t want to spend a fortune on SUV tires, so these were a great fit. I am happy with the quiet ride not to mention the off road traction.”

  • Joel, MN

Is This the Right Tire For You?

You don’t have to live in an area that gets a lot of snow to want good traction in the winter time. Even if you are just used to water and the occasional ice storm, it is still good to know that you are riding on tires that will keep your SUV on the road. But, if you are someone who also likes to do a little off roading once in a while, then the Michelin Latitude Tour are the ideal tire. These will provide your SUV with the soft, luxurious, and quiet ride that you want on the highway, but you will also get great traction when you are off road.

Where Should You Buy Them?

When you are choosing tires for your SUV or truck, you may find out that you could easily end up spending a lot more than you originally planned. For that reason alone, you should shop online for your tires where you will find out that the Michelin Latitude Tour are not nearly as expensive as you might think. In fact, you can get some good deals when you buy these online.