Michelin 4×4 Diamaris Review

Michelin Diamaris 4x4
Michelin Diamaris 4×4

When a car manufacturer chooses a particular tire for their vehicles, you might think that they are choosing tires that are affordable, but when it comes to the Michelin 4×4 Diamaris, that was not the case. BMW chose these tires as their standard tires on the X5 SUV, and they did so not because they were cheap, but because they would provide the X5 with the level of luxury and safety that it needed. You can now also buy these tires for your SUV and experience what it feels like to drive on better tires.

What Are Michelin 4×4 Diamaris Tires?

These are not tires that are designed for off road use, but primarily for luxury SUVs and crossovers that are finely tuned and made for comfort. No matter what kind of tires you are riding on right now, you will find that the Michelin 4×4 Diamaris tires provide you with a quieter ride and that they also provide you with a level of traction that you need when you are driving an SUV.

How Does It Work?

There are a number of features that make this tire stand out as an SUV tire, including the unique sidewall design that gives your car a great look but also helps to protect your rims. This also has a 4×4 design with BAZ belt construction overlapped around the shoulder, and a graduated shoulder profile. It includes rayon casing and high bead rigidity and its asymmetrical tread with silica means that you will get the best possible traction.

As well as being known for the high level of traction that you will get in all weather and driving situations, this is also an environmentally sound tire, one that will improve your fuel consumption, and one that is extremely quiet. It has an extremely low noise output, which is rare in such a high quality radial, and will help you enjoy your SUV even more.

What Are People Saying About Michelin 4×4 Diamaris Tires?

When you read the reviews for the Michelin 4×4 Diamaris tires, you will see that even though there are many X5 drivers who have stuck with this tire, there are more drivers out there who are driving other types of luxury crossovers and SUVs and want to have the silent ride and great highway traction that these tires provide.

“These wear really well and I am over 60,000 miles into them. They are ideal for snow and rain and are very smooth.”
John, NV

“The traction on these tires is amazing. You get even wear without rotating and the road noise is a lot less than with other models.
Richard, CA

Where Should You Buy It?

While you might think that a tire that is popular enough to put on one of the world’s best SUVs would be pretty easy to find, that is not often the case. In fact, most tire dealers will try to sell you an inferior tire because they just don’t want to keep these in stock. However, when you go online, you will see that you can buy these for your vehicle and you can also get them at a very good price.

Is This the Right Product For You?

If you spent a lot of money on your SUV, then you want  a tire that will not drag the value of your vehicle down and will still be stunning, no matter what kinds of rims you have. The Michelin 4×4 Diamaris are good enough for BMW and that means that they should be good enough for you and your need for good handling, and smooth and quiet ride all the time.