Infinity FX45 Won’t Start After Battery Change/Dead Battery

Yesterday we were doing some work on a 2003 Infinity FX45 and had to leave the key in the accessory position for a couple of hours. Afterwards we turned the key to the “off” position and went home for the night.

This morning I got in the car and went to go for a test drive and guess what? The battery was dead. No problem, just hookup the battery charger for a few minutes and we should be good to go right? Wrong!

After a couple of minutes the battery would crank the engine just fine but the car wouldn’t start. Hmmm.

After a preliminary check of the fuses, they’re all good. Crap. I call a buddy who’s a great Nissan tech, he says I need to reprogram the keyfob by pressing the lock/unlock button 3 or 4 times and it should reset and be good to go.

You Need To Reset The Keyfob

He was right. I clicked the keyfob 4 times and then tried starting the car. Varoom! Life is good.

The same is true if you replace the cars battery or the keyfob’s battery. You have to reset the fob to the car.