Here’s Why I Like Tirerack

Brembo Rotors
Once in a while you order a part online and when it shows up it’s wrong. Crap. Since my shop is in Hawaii, the freight is usually pretty steep. I’ve ordered a lot Hawk brake pads and Brembo rotors from Tirerack over the years and have never got the wrong rotors.

Till today. Crap. You’d know it, the biggest heaviest rotor I’ve ever ordered from them. The freight alone was $150.  Usually when I get the wrong part from a supplier on the mainland and it’s wrong, it’s my problem. Nobody wants to step up and cover the shipping even if it’s their fault. That has been my experience in the past.

So I really dreaded calling Tirerack about getting the wrong rotors, even though I knew their online catalog had a mistaken listing for the particular vehicle I was working on.

I get my rep on the phone and start telling him what happened, I figured I was going to have to be mean to get them to man up and cover the freight.

Not so. Before I even got done pleading my case the rep was saying they’d send a call tag and reimburse me for the freight. Huh? Wow. No fight, no haggling, no problem.

That folks is how you keep customers happy. They took the risk out the deal for me, and now I’ll continue to buy from them forever.

Thanks Tony at Tirerack.