Goodyear MTR Tire Review

Goodyear MTR
Goodyear  MTR

This Goodyear MTR tire review is based from a variety of sources. At a guy said the Goodyear MT/R’s work great in mud and snow . Another guy said they were so so in the snow. One guy say’s when he first got the tires they rode great. Now that they’re over half worn they shake violently at 45MPH.

What he doesn’t realize is he has other issues going on. It’s not the tires fault he didn’t rotate or balance them. But more likely he has a steering dampner that’s shot.

Mostly positive reviews from over 40 people who contributed at the jeep site. Contributors at Tirerack had very similar comments. But there was a higher than normal amount of negative reviews compared to a lot of other tires I’ve reviewed here.

One thing that seems to be consistent was guys who said they rotated their tires regularly got the most miles out of the MTR’s.

Consumer survey results in the Off-Road Maximum Traction category at one tire retailer
place the Goodyear MTR  4th behind the MTR with Kevlar and Bfg Mud Terrain TA KM2 and the number 1 ranked Firestone Destination M/T.

3 Ply sidewalls.
Great middle of the road tire; on/off road

LOUD! If you want a quiet ride, buy something else.
Very poor in sand. On dunes and soft river bottoms, you will just dig a hole.

Check out the MTR’s in this mud video.

A lot of guys said the GoodyearWranlger MTR’s have great sidewall traction on rocks as this short video will show.

Buy or No Buy?

Even though there was a lot of positive reviews. There was more than a fair amount of negative comments too. Mostly due to noise, traction and duration of tire life, (short). If it was only a couple out of 40 I’d ignore them. But it was considerably more.

I think I’d pass on these. For this kind of money I’d go with the Kevlar MTR’s if I just had to have Goodyear’s.