Fuzion ZRi Tire Review

Fuzion ZRi
Fuzion ZRi

In one online survey of 43 ultra high performance summer tires, the Fuzion ZRi ranks number 18.

I found 3 negative reviews out of 12 at epions.com  One guy said he had a blow out on the highway and thought it was because of the tires quality.

Another guy thought the ZRi had too short of a lifespan.

He reports getting over 40,000 miles on his set but after they reached 30K they started getting noisy and vibrating.

I’m pretty impressed he go 40K out them. Some people would bitch if they were hung with a new rope… more than likely his car needs struts.

Speaking of unrealistic expectations, one review I read said:

These tires are totally worthless in snow.

Really?  Repeat after me, the Fuzion ZRi is a high performance SUMMER tire.
OK, where was I? Back to the review…

Most reviews of the ZRi from many many reviews are less than positive. They all have a consistent theme, the tires don’t last very long, they don’t do well in snow and they ride like crap after you get some miles on them.

Buy or No Buy?

I would not buy these. If money was tight,  I would buy the number 3 rated tire in the ultra hp summer category which is the Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval Tire.

When I compared the price between the ZRi and the Firehawk Wide Oval in a 205/50/16 the ZRi  was $16 more!   If money was not a factor, I’d buy the Bridgestone Potenza RE760 which was rated #1.


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