Fuzion VRi Tire Review

Fuzion VRi
Fuzion VRi

The Fuzion VRi is pretty well rated among users. There is a small amount of negative feed back but nothing serious I’d say.  Of the 2 negative reviews I read, one guy sounded like the tire just wasn’t a good match for him personally and the other guy was just an idiot.

Idiots are easy to spot.  They say things in their post like ” I did an emergency lane change test at 300 mph and the car was all over the road with the 2 new tires that I bought.”  Geez.

But most of the actual user reviews went something like this:

Nice handling, nice ride and low noise.

Fuzion is made by Bridgestone Firestone.  A lot of people have never heard of Fuzion before because it’s only been around since 2003.  This tire is designed for the MTV tuner crowd. What ever that is.  Probably Mr. 300 mph, he just didn’t buy the other 2 tires so he could get the full effect.

Buy or No Buy?

Sure, why not. I’ll use the money I save to buy some cool speed part so I can keep up with Mr. 300 mph on the freeway. Or stay out of his way…


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  1. You just lost a nickel. I don’t sell tires anymore. I used to, but I’ve never sold Fuzion.
    P.S. I got out of the tire business before ever starting this website. But I do own and operate a brake & front end shop on a daily basis.

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