Fuzion HRi Tire Review


Fuzion HRi


The Fuzion HRI is a High Performance All-Season tire that places #9 out of 21 other tires in overall performance according to a survey of consumers at a major tire retailer.

That’s not too bad considering it beat out Pirelli, Goodyear, Firestone, Yokohama, Kumho and Dunlop.   To be fair, Dunlop and Yokohama do have other tires in the same survey that do out rank the HRi’s.

While initially appearing somewhat directional, the Fuzion HRi tread design is asymmetric, allowing it to be mounted on either side of the vehicle.

How do most users feel about the Fuzion HRi?

Most user feedback for the HRi was positive and users felt like they got their money’s worth.

Who makes Fuzion Tires?
Bridgestone Firestone.

Tire Specs:

  • Speed rating H
  • Treadwear warranty 40000 miles or 5 years
  • UTQG treadwear 400
  • UTQG traction A
  • UTQG temperature A

Buy or No Buy?

This is a decent tire at a decent price.  There are better tires in this category but at a higher cost.  If you got a car you’re going to dump soon, this is probably the tire I’d go with.  If you’re looking for something a little better then checkout the Fuzion ZRi or VRi


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  1. I have Firestone Fuzion HR BW 245/45R17 tires. They were rotated every 3K miles. I have 20K miles on them and they need to be replaced….Poor rating

  2. Check it out. Are you sure the fuzion still under for Bridgestone Firestone.
    on the other hand. On the price just have 40000 miles warranty????????????????

  3. I bought a set of these (205/55R16) for my 2003 Pontiac Vibe in October, 2007. As of this week, I have close to 45,000 miles on them. We didn’t have much snow last year, so I was able to squeeze out another year out of them. I plan on replacing them before this winter.

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