Firestone Destination AT Customer Opinion

I have a customer who drives a 2000 Chevy Tracker with Firestone Destination AT’s. She lives on a road that is unpaved and on the side of a steep mountain and you have to have 4 wheel drive to get to her house.

Everyday when Annabel goes to work she has to use 4 wheel drive to go down her rocky driveway and get back up it when she comes home. When you live somewhere like that, you need a tire that’s going to not only provide good traction, but it has to hold up to the wear and tear of the demands of off-roading on a daily basis.

I was pretty surprised when I read how well this tire rated compared to other all-terrains at Tirerack. At the time of this post I think the Destination AT is the number 2 rated tire over there. Before that it held the top spot for a while.

As you can hear in the video above, Annabel is on her second set of AT’s.

Firestone Destination AT Customer Opinion
Firestone Destination AT

That’s how much she likes them. I’ve been working on her Tracker since she got it and I can verify she operates it in pretty severe conditions on a regular basis.

Annabel says she got about 2 1/2 years out of the last set of tires. Not bad when you consider the daily torture she puts them though.
During that period of time I aligned her Tracker once and rotated the tires maybe a couple of times.

If the Destination AT’s can survive Annabel, then it’s a got to be a good tire.

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  1. i wanted Firestone to know the young man at store located in kent washington address 10624 se 240th his name is Josh he was a great host when i came into the Firestone store i just had new breaks put on my New Yorker well they failed Josh said they needed a little help i had the brakes down at another place he asured me that this service would work and it did FIRESTONE U SHOULD BE PROUD OF JOSH AT STORE#028800 Sincerelly Eve Redman Epler

  2. I am also on my second set of Firestone Destination ATs. I need not look any further for tires for my suburban in most conditions. The one condition it is lacking is deep hard packed snow drifts. Since we have to go 2 miles on a gravel road to get to the highway (a rarely plowed road I might add) I bought a set of Firestone Destination MTs and then had them siped. They went on in Nov and came off the end of April. Most of the time the ATs could have handled the road, but there were times I was pushing snow including uphill and the MTs cut through like butter. If it weren’t for that I would just run the ATs all year long.

  3. Just finishing 68,000 miles on my 50,000 mile Destination ATs. Never rotated them. Rear tires still have a thousand miles left on them. Downside is the cost.

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