Eibach Suspension Upgrades

Thinking about Eibach Suspension Upgrades lately? Tired of that mushy dead handling? Want your Mustang or Charger to come alive in a corner?  Should you buy just springs? Or a whole suspension kit? Coil overs?

In the video above they compared 4 cars. Car number 1 car was stock so they had a base to compare to.

  • Car number 2 had Eibach Pro Kit springs.
  • Car number 3 had Eibach Pro System Plus which included springs, shocks and sway bars with urathane sway bar bushings.
  • Car number 4 had Eibach Multi Pro R1 Coil Overs.

All 4 cars had the same brand and size of tire so as not to influence the results.

The comparison showed that the modified cars all out performed the stock unmodified car. Duh.

In the video comparison one thing that caught my attention was how they said the Mult-Pro R1 Coil Overs were “the best looking”.

I don’t give a crap how they look, I want performance. Having said that, the coil overs are super adjustable. You can pretty much dial in what ever level of handling you desire.

But… as they said in the video they only lowered the car 1 inch to match the other cars with Eibach springs and the car with the Eibach Pro System Plus out performed the car with the Mult-Pro R1 Coil Overs on the track plus it rode better!

If you’re a guy that loves to fiddle with shock and spring settings then the Mult-Pro R1 Coil Overs might be for you.

Me? I don’t want to adjust anything, I just want to get in and banzai through my favorite windy road with the least amount of effort and the most amount of comfort.

Maybe you’re wondering “what if I just put springs in it”? I wouldn’t. It just seems lame to go to the trouble of changing the springs and not change the shocks while I’m there.

Yes, it’s more money but you’ll be soooo happy you upgraded after it’s all done and said.

If I was thinking about Eibach Suspension Upgrades for my ride,  I’d go with the Eibach Pro System Plus because it makes the most sense for a daily driver. And…it’s less money! Look for your self.