Dunlop Rover M-T Maxx Traction Tire Review

Update: March 2012- It looks like this tire has been discontinued. Too bad, it was a great tire. Check out the Goodyear Duratrac as it’s a good replacement.

Dunlop Rover M-T Maxx Traction
Dunlop Rover M-T Maxx Traction

The  Dunlop Rover M-T Maxx Traction is designed to be a workhorse.  If you’re looking for an excellent load range “E” mud and snow tire, the Rover MT Maxx Traction fits the description.

Users of this tire report nothing but glowing comments about how well it works in mud, snow and rain and it’s lower price than other tires in  the On-/Off-Road Commercial Traction category.

Another benefit to this tire is the lack of road noise.  Below is a video where I test drove a Dodge Ram that had a set Rover’s installed and I was really impressed by how quiet they are considering the style of tread.



Snow Tire Rated:

This tire bears the Severe Service Emblem denoting that it is suitable for use in severe winter conditions. Tires bearing this symbol will provide better winter performance than tires only bearing the M+S rating.

Consumer Survey Results

The Rover MT Maxx Traction was rated number 3 behind the Goodyear DuraTrac and the BFGoodrich Commercial TA in one online tire retailers survey.

It was the highest rated tire when it came to:

  • Deep Snow Traction
  • Would Buy Again
  • Treadwear

Getting The Most Life Out Of These Tires

Regular tire rotation is the secret to getting the most life out of this type of tire. The blocks on the edges of the front tires  tend to round if you don’t. Keep’em aired up and rotated and you’ll get the most miles possible. And leave the alignment alone if the old tires wore even.

Buy or Don’t Buy?

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better tire at any price in this category. Unlike the other 2 tires that are rated slightly higher, there is no negative feedback about this tire at the time of this writing. Absolutely I’d buy these.  I think they’re the best tire in their class, contrary to the survey results.


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  1. I Just bought 4 new tires Just like these, i see from your video That my outer design is your Inside design, in other words, i have the 3 lines shaped pattern facing the outside of my truck while you have the 4 lines shaped pattern facing the outside of your truck. Does It matter?

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