Dick Cepek Rough Country’s On 9 Inch Lifted 2011 Tacoma

Check out this 2011 Toyota Tacoma with a 9 inch lift kit. It has a 6 inch Fab Tech lift kit with 3 inch Rev Tek spacers piled on top of the struts.

It’s running Dick Cepek 33×12.50×17 Mud Country’s.  It was in the shop to get the front end aligned after installing the lift kit.  As I mention in the video, I had no problem getting it set-up properly.

Me personally? I doubt I’d ever lift my Bronco, but if I did, I’d go with a Fab Tech lift kit. Their stuff is totally first class.  I’ve aligned every kind of truck there is with every kinda of lift kit and the trucks with Fab Tech lifts are usually the easiest to line up correctly.

I’ve seen other kits where the geometry is off and and I can’t get the camber or caster to the proper spec and the alignment turns out so so.

After I got the Tacoma alignment set, I took it for a test drive and all was fine. I was pleasantly surprised with the ride and handling with the Dick Cepek Mud Country’s, it drove pretty good, no wobble and not very noisy.

Usually most Tacoma’s I drive with that big of lift have an annoying wobble in the steering wheel. Not this one. But, this truck had less than 1,000 miles on it. I’d like to see it after about 15K when all the suspension has settled and loosened up a little.

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