Cooper Discoverer ATP Review

Cooper Discoverer ATP Review
Cooper Discoverer ATP

Finding just the right on-road and off-road tire that will be quiet on the highway while still providing you the traction you need can be difficult, especially if you are trying to get away without paying a lot of money. The Cooper Discoverer ATP tire is ideal for a sport utility vehicle or light truck and will help you to maintain traction in all sorts of weather, no matter where you live.

What Is the Cooper Discoverer ATP?

This is a silica-based compound tire with aggressive tread and an extended tread wear. So, if you are looking to get a lot of miles out of your tire, you will definitely get it with the Cooper Discoverer ATP.

How Does It Work?

The Cooper Discoverer ATP has linked tread blocks that help to maintain stability, even when they are under extreme pressure and its tough five-rib design with large lugs will give you the kind of grip that you expect in an off-road tire. It has scalloped shoulders that help to grip the road in all kinds of conditions, even in thick mud or snow.

This tire comes with a 55,000 mile limited tread wear warranty, making it a very good buy, and it is available in sizes from 16 to 20 inch.

What Are People Saying About the Cooper Discoverer ATP?

When you read the reviews for this tire, you will see that it is the unique combination of both off-road and on-road traction that guides people toward choosing this. It is great on all sorts of terrain, no matter what size vehicle you are driving, and if you are looking for extra traction in the snow, mud, or sand, then you will not find a better tire for the price.

“Tire performance is as good as it gets for an all-terrain tire. I have them on a 2001 Dodge 2500 Diesel with many engine upgrades and they hook up great compared to other tires.”
Stanley, GA

“This is a really great tire for the price. I liked them so much I put them on my Dodge truck, too.”
Lee, TX

Where Should You Buy It?

While you might think that it is an odd choice to go shopping for a tire of any sort online, the truth is that more and more people are choosing to do so. You will get a much better deal than you will at your local car shop or dealer, and you will get to choose from all the tire sizes, too.

Is This the Right Tire For You?

When you live in an area of the country that gets a lot of rain, mud, or snow, then you will want to have the best tires you can on your SUV or small truck. With the Cooper Discoverer ATP, you will get one of the best silica-based tires on the market today and you will be able to get it at a price that is considerably more affordable than some of the other brands.


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  1. Are these tires as good as the AT3? Which would you buy for mainly highway driving in a Tundra?

    Thanks again.

  2. These tires are very similar, however the tread design is slightly different. Both are designed for all purpose, on and off road use. I don’t know this for sure, but I have a feeling the AT/3 will replace the ATP altogether in the future.

    Reason I say this is because Cooper doesn’t even show the ATP on their website, but they have lots of info about the AT/3. Just my 2cents worth.

  3. Only sold at America’s discount tire or Discount tire (same company)
    that’s why not on Cooper’s web site

  4. I was just at “America’s Tire” today (11/6/13) and they told me the “AT-3” was the one on the way out. They said it wan’t wearing quite as well as it was supposed to, and that too many customers were exercising their warranties. I bought the “ATP’s”.

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