Continental Extreme Contact DWS Review

Continental Extreme Contact DWS Review
Continental Extreme Contact DWS Review

When it comes to finding a tire that will really perform in all weather conditions throughout the year, you know that you get what you pay for. When the road is slippery, steep or knee-deep in snow, the last thing you need is a cheap tire. The Continental Extreme Contact DWS is repeatedly rated extremely high among the “max performance” tires. Whether you live in constant rain or you have to deal with a variety of weather conditions, you should find that this extreme weather tire is just what the doctor ordered.

The Continental Extreme Contact DWS tire also has a warranty of 50,000 miles, which you will find is higher than almost any in the same performance class. For those of you who drive a lot, especially in the mountains, you will appreciate having this kind of warranty backing up your purchase.

In general, you will find that there are high-performance, high-traction tires that are good in the wet weather, and then there are those that are good in the dry weather, but rarely do you find one that is with you throughout the year. If you are known for putting your tires through the mill by driving in conditions that most people wouldn’t dare to, then the Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires are what you are looking for.

These have been tested on a variety of vehicles, in virtually every possible type of condition, and they not only rank at the top for traction but also for fuel efficiency as well. This is an important feature, as many tires in this performance category are not as fuel efficient as they should be.

But just because you get great performance doesn’t mean that you won’t get a smooth ride, since the Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires also rank extremely high when it comes to noise level, comfort and handling in normal conditions. You know you want a tire that can handle the hard driving, but when the weather is great and the roads are dry, you still want a tire that will make the rest of the family happy, and this one fits the bill.

A unique feature of this tire is the built-in indicators that alert the driver to the optimum tread depth for each type of driving condition. With a “D” meaning that you are driving at the right depth for dry conditions, and a “W” signifying that you are set for wet conditions, you will always know that your tires are safely inflated. This is especially important if you want to get the best mileage and the most comfort out of your ride while still maintaining extreme contact with the road at all times.

Buy or Don’t Buy?

I don’t think there is any doubt that the Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires are ideal for people who drive in all types of weather conditions. If you are looking for a tire that provides maximum performance in both winter and summer and still gives you great fuel efficiency, then these are the ones for you.


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  1. Good review, Joe. You captured the goodness of this tire perfectly. Compared to the Pirelli summer performance tires that came on my daily driver 2010 Cobalt SS, the DWS offered a quieter and more comfortable ride, confidence-inspiring stability and predictability, much better handling of rain. They capably handle coastal Virginia’s slush and snow and slushy, snowy trips up to Long Island.

  2. I decided to purchase a set of these tires after spending countless hours researching different tire brands and reading many reviews. I was looking for an all-season tire that was great in all areas. One that had low road noise, ride comfort, performance; long tread life, stopping power, good on dry/wet/snow roads. Apparently that tire doesn’t exist. So I chose a tire that I hoped would come closest to meeting my expectations. While my car was in the shop having the new tires install reports of a bad snow storm was headed our way and the worst of it would hit the following day. After getting the car back from the shop I drove the short distance back home and prepared myself for the trip into work the next day. I was a little apprehensive about this not knowing how the tire would do in deep snow. The next morning the snow was just starting to fall and they were predicting anywhere from 8-12 inches. I arrived at work at early the next morning and for the next 9 hours it snowed and snowed. After work I went to discover my car was covered in a blanket of deep snow. They had snow plowing crews working on the parking lot so no problem there. After scraped the snow off my car I prepared to head home.
    I stayed on the main roads most the way home until traffic started to slow. I decided to turn off and go through an old neighborhood as a short cut to my house. As I turned into the subdivision I notice the roads had not been plowed and the snow was getting deeper so I stopped. I was thinking about backing out of it but the sun was so bright and reflecting off the snow that day I couldn’t see well and was afraid I would get myself in to a bigger mess. I looked ahead and it appeared the only vehicle that has passed through this road was a 4×4. I decided to go toward and to my dismay the snow was so deep it that I was pushing it from side to side with the front of my car and quickly realized this was not one of my smartest moves. I had no choice but to kept pressing forward and hope for the best. After six blocks I reached the plowed main road and I was in disbelief I made it through that without even spinning a tire (I have a spin tire light indictor on my car). I continued home and when I arrived my wife was standing out in the driveway by the garage door shoveling the snow. It appeared she just started because our driveway was completely covered with over 10 inches of snow. Our driveway and is on a slit incline with side entry into the garage. I was sitting on the road looking up my driveway thinking to myself this is where I’m going to get stuck. In front of my wife after I have been telling her now good these tires are. I couldn’t leave my car on the road there was barely enough room for two cars to pass. I had no choice but to try to make it up my driveway. After weighing my options I decided to go for it, I plowed up the driveway and just as I was making my turn into the garage I glanced over at my wife. The look on her face said it all, shocked I made it through that and I didn’t even spin a tire. Got out walked around my car and it literally looked as if I just been pulled out of a ditch. I drive a 2002 I35 Infiniti with front wheel drive and stability control. I don’t know now well these tires would work on other makes of cars. On mine compared to my old tires it’s the difference between night and day!

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