Chevy Avalanche Rear Brake Fix

Hawk Severe Duty Carbon Fibre Brake Pads.
Hawk Severe Duty Carbon Fibre Brake Pads.

If you have Chevy Avalanche that keeps eating rear brakes, these brake pads are the fix.

The area that I live in is on the side of a  7,000 foot volcano and this place just kills brakes.

I have a customer with a 2002 Avalanche that I’ve done everything I can to make the rear brakes last more than a year.  Except one, now it’s time for the secret weapon. Hawk severe duty brake pads.

They’re not like your typical pad you’ll find in your local autoparts store.  Can you say carbon fibre? These guys build brake pads for NASCAR so they’re the real deal.

I  have one customer that lives at the bottom of a cliff and we were putting Napa’s premium pads on his truck every 8 months until I tried the Hawk pads. They lasted twice as long. The guy was totally happy.

So if you got a vehicle that keeps eating brakes and everything else is right on it, the rotors aren’t under size, the calipers aren’t dragging etc.  Try a set of these pads and I think you’ll be a happy camper.

If you’re wondering do they really work? Let me tell you another story where I installed them. A couple of years ago I ordered a set for a customer with a 2004 Accord. When they got here the box was missing one of the pads. Crap.

So I got a cheap set of pads from Napa and cockroached one of the pads and installed it with the 3 other Hawk pads. Guess what? Every 4,000 miles I when I changed the oil on this Honda I had to replace the one cheap Napa pad because it was burnt up.  The Hawks were holding up just fine and the Napa pads were not.  By the time I got to the last pad in the Napa box it was time to replace all of the pads.

The woman lived at about 4,000 feet straight up, so you can get some perspective of the operating environment were talking about here.

So give’em a try if you live in an extreme environment or just don’t want to buy brakes very often.  You’ll be glad you did.
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