Hawk Brake Pads Reviews

Hawk HP SuperDuty Brake Pads

Of all the Hawk Brake Pads Reviews you’re likely to read, ours is from someone who’s installs them all the time. I’ve installed Hawk brake pads on my customers vehicles for about the last 7 or 8 years.  Mostly I use their super duty pads. I can get quality ceramics locally so I don’t use their ceramic pads.                                                                                                                                                Hawk HP SuperDuty Brake Pads

But the number 1 reason I buy Hawk superduty brake pads is: they hold up to the super steep roads in my area when no other brake pad does.  Where I live  (on the side of mountain) we have some roads that exceed 6% down grade and if you live at the bottom of one of these roads like some of my customers do, you’ll be buying brakes every 8 months.

So when I first learned about Hawk pads, I thought why not give them a try. The results were spectacular. I had one guy in particular that we were putting pads on the front of his truck every 8 months using Napa’s best pads. I installed Hawk superduty pads and they lasted twice as long! My customer was very happy.

The only thing about the Hawk pads, is they can be noisy sometimes.  But people who use their vehicles in extreme environments usually are willing to put up with a little noise from time to time in exchange for the extended pad life they get.

So if you got a vehicle that eats brakes for whatever reason, install a set of Hawk SuperDuty brake pads.  Chances are good they will outlast anything you can buy at your local parts house.  And, they cost about the same.

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