Blizzak WS70 Review

Blizzak WS70
Blizzak WS70

It looks like Michelin has met it’s match with the Blizzak WS70 from Bridgestone.  In January 2010, Bridgestone had a coming out party for the new WS70 by inviting people in the tire business and media to come test them out against the mighty Michelin X-Ice Xi2.

The first test was held on an ice rink. Two identical Toyota Camry’s, one with a set of Blizzak WS70’s and one with a set of Michelin X-Ice Xi2’s installed.  The test was to see which car stopped shortest from 10 MPH.  I couldn’t believe it, the WS70’s stopped 2 feet shorter than the Michelin’s.

Then the next test was to take one car and put 2 Blizzak’s on the left and 2 Michelin’s on the right and turn off the traction control and then accelerate to 10 mph and lock the brakes to see which way the car would yaw to. The purpose of this test was to see which tire had more bite. Again, it was the Blizzak WS70 making the car yaw to the left.

Snow Test Results

While the results are subjective to individual drivers perceptions, the drivers who tested both Camry’s, felt the Bizzak’s just stuck to the road better than the Michelin’s and were the better tire traction wise.

Applications and Sizes

Developed for passenger cars and cross over vehicles. Available in sizes from 185/60R15 to 225/60/R18

User feedback

Easily the best winter tire I have put on my Camaro…  These have to be hands down the best winter tires I have ever had... I never took them off and have been rotating them and running them for almost 3 years now in place of all seasons – Actual comments from Tirerack reviews.

Secret Tread Compound Formula

I’ve been in the tire business since I was a kid and reading manufacture’s tire descriptions puts even me to sleep. But what’s interesting about this tire is that my spies tell me these tires have metal in the recipe, not studs, just metal particles of some kind, and it’s some type of secret formula.  No wonder the damn things put the woop on the Michelin’s. Kinda like getting hit with a pair of brass knuckles.