Blizzak WS60 Review

Blizzak WS60
Blizzak WS60

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 is available in 42 sizes from 175/65R14 up to 245/45/17 which means it will fit most vehicles on the road today.

The WS60 is not the best tire in its category, but it is near the top according to the surveys I’ve read.

It’s a studless winter tire with RC Polymer rubber compound, zig zag sipes and wide straight grooves to push water out of the treads.  The WS60 has a special tread compound that helps to improve grip on ice. Included in the design are microscopic  holes in the tread that help the tire get a bite on icy surfaces.

A few people who’ve bought this tire have said it worked very well on their vehicles. One person said this tire totally transformed their car into a dream to drive in the winter.

Cons: One user felt that handling in rain wasn’t as good as the all-season tires they run in the summer, but stated the winter performance was exceptional and they would buy the Blizzaks again.

Pros: Excellent ice traction.

Cons: Kinda spendy.

The WS60 is rated behind the General Altimax Arctic, which is available in 26 sizes from 175/70/13 to 235/65/17 and the Michelin X-Ice XI 2 which is available in 12 sizes from 175/65R14 to 215/65R17

If you can buy the General Altimax Arctic in the size your vehicle requires, it’s a better rated winter tire and less money than the WS60.  If you want to really go first cabin, the Michelin X-Ice Xi 2 is the top rated winter tire.

Buy or Don’t Buy?

I would buy the Blizzak WS60 if the General’s or Michelin’s weren’t available in my vehicles size.  The WS60 is a good tire, but the General Altimax Arctic and the Michelin X-Ice XI 2 are better.