BFGoodrich All Terrain TA KO – Seven Years Later

Seven years ago I installed a set of BFGoodrich All Terrain TA KO’s on my 96 Bronco and they are still in good shape. Between the sharp lava rock my truck has crawled through, to the long periods of sitting, I couldn’t be happier with these tires. Before, I had Toyo’s. Never again.The Toyo’s I had on before separated one by one. And the truck seemed to always have a tire pull. 

My Bronco has never tracked straighter since I put the BFG’s on it. Here’s a link to the original post I wrote years ago when I first installed them.

Nissan Quest Clunk Going Over Big Bumps

2008 Nissan Quest

2008 Nissan Quest lower control arm bushing was causing ka-thunk noise going over speed bumps.
Nissan Quest Lower arm bushing.

The photo needed more light, but you can still see the rip in the bushing, even with poor lighting.

What is not easy to see is the metal to metal contact the inner sleeve of the bushing makes with the outer sleeve. That is what makes the ka-clunk noise going over speed bumps.

From now on I’ll replace these at the first sign of cracking in the bushing.

I bought two new control arms from my local auto parts store and two hours later the vehicle drove perfectly quiet.

I wished I’d have ordered them from Amazon. I’d of saved about $70.

If you order online, make sure to get a left and a right side arm.

Do It Yourself 4 Wheel Alignment

Do it yourself 4 wheel alignment at home can be done.

A couple weeks ago my Hunter wheel aligner went down and I have to go back to old school techniques until I can get their service tech to come out and repair it. It’s no big deal since I started out with mechanical wheel alignment equipment at the first alignment shop I ever worked out back in the early  1980s. For 17 years all we ever used was a bubble gauge for camber caster and a Beeline toe bar.

So I got to wondering what was available these days for mechanical equipment compared to what I used to use. And I found these cool toe plates on Amazon as pictured above. If you just want to set the toe in toe out on the front or the rear axle, these work just fine for that.

Before I bought a electronic wheel aligner I used a Beeline toe bar and would scribe the tires to make the toe measurement. I still own those tools and use them from time to time. For example I used them to compare  the toe setting after using the toe plates I bought on Amazon. And for the most part, the tow plates agreed with my  Beeline equipment. But the thing about these toe plates is they’re kind of flimsy. They will be fine for a do-it-yourselfer, but not in a high production shop that does wheel alignment. But if you’re a general repair tech and you install tie rod ends or something like that, these would be perfect for getting the car in the ballpark until you can get checked with an alignment rack.

do it yourself 4 wheel alignment

I think the real benefit of these toe plates is going to be on a car that has ground effects or a spoiler that gets in the way of my old style toe bar. Which was the reason I went looking to see what was available other than my current toe bar set-up.

Getting the steering wheel straight is probably going to suck since this isn’t your day job. But here’s the key. Mark each tie rod sleeve and turn them in the direction that the steering wheel is pointing. I usually think in terms of 1/4 in and 1/4 out of each tie rod. This keeps your toe setting the same but moves the steering towards center.  Unless of course you have an old Dodge with a a left and right thread outer end. Then you’re best off taking that bugger to the alignment shop if you want it straight since it’s really easy to screw up the toe on one of them.  Some older Ford truck have this type of set-up too. Rule of thumb when turning the tie rod sleeves to adjust steering wheel position is to make sure the outer ends are both right hand thread.  Or, just set the toe with the toe plates and don’t bother trying to center the wheel, you don’t have to worry about accidentally jacking your alignment while centering the wheel.

I Love SKF Hub & Bearing Assemblies

I’ve installed a bunch of these over the years and never had to warranty any of them. It’s a quality product. I’m sure I’ll probably install a lot more of them in the future.

Goodyear Fortera HL

Goodyear Fortera HL

Don’t pay dealer prices. Same tires. Half the price- Amazon customer review. 

Can’t beat this price plus no tax.
I got 40K out of my last set on a 2013 Dodge Durango

High-performance all-season tires for sporty coupes and sedans
Variable angle grooves for higher mechanical grip
Innovative all season compound for top level grip on wet and dry conditions
Longitudinal and lateral groove optimization to minimize the risk of aquaplaning even when cornering
Optimized pitch sequence and continuous circumferential element for a high driving acoustic comfort

They good tires,and good price
it was my second set I bought, they are good on Infiniti FX35 2006
BUT they are NOT good in Snow